Physiotherapists and massage therapists employ a comprehensive biomechanical approach, looking at the underlying causes of the injury, not just the injured part. All our therapists have an excellent orthopaedic knowledge base, as reflected by their graduate and post graduate university qualifications.

A physiotherapist will:

  • Take a thorough history of the presenting complaint and any other relevant previous medical history by asking a series of questions
  • Assess your level of mobility, strength and endurance by performing an appropriate physical examination
  • Diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan with you to reduce pain, restore movement and improve function
  • Employ specific evidence based hands-on manual therapy for your condition
  • Prescribe and demonstrate specific therapeutic exercises
  • Monitor your progress over time and adjust your treatment accordingly
  • Prepare you for independent active management with education and exercise prescription to manage the condition and prevent the problem recurring.

For your first appointment, please remember:

  • An initial assessment takes between 45 mins – 1 hour
  • Arrive ten minutes early in order to complete any necessary paperwork
  • Bring any referrals or paper work you may think is relevant to your treatment, for example x-ray or scan reports
  • Bring appropriate clothing i.e. shorts for a knee complaint or a tank top for shoulder problems etc.

Write down any questions you have prior to your appointment and bring them with you for your physiotherapist to answer.