**Clinic and COVID-19 Updates**

The clinic is closed due to concerns with COVID-19. We are monitoring the situation daily and will reopen when it is safe for our staff and community. Telerehabilitation appointments are currently available for booking online. Click The Book Now button for online bookings or go to the contact page to send us a personal email.

Our administrative staff is working remotely to address all your messages and questions. Please email us at reception@ferniephysio.com and follow us on Instagram @ferniephysio and Facebook @ Fernie Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic for more updates.

(Last update: March 24, 2020)

What is telerehabilitation?

Telerehabilitation is the remote delivery of physiotherapy services to patients via video calls. It may be appropriate for both new and ongoing patients who are in need of physiotherapy services but are unable to travel to the clinic such as during these times when there is a strong need for physical distancing.

What can I do during a telerehabilitation session?

We can:

provide a virtual physiotherapy consultation

progress your current treatment plan

prescribe and modify exercises

answer any questions you may have

provide a posture and ergonomic assessment

provide patient education

We cannot:

provide manual therapy

perform dry needling/acupuncture/IMS

What do you need from me before starting my telerehabilitation session?

An emergency contact should something happen to you during your session

A safe and clear space (4’x4’ area) around you to move and exercise

An alternative way to communicate in case there is a internet disconnection (cell phone or land line)

Is telerehabilitation covered under my extended healthcare benefits?

Insurance policies are evolving constantly in response to the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently Sunlife, Great West Life, ICBC and WCB area covering this service. Please check directly with your insurance company to see if your plan covers telerehabilitation.

What information is provided on a telerehabilitation receipt?

Your telerehabilitation receipt will include all the same information as an in-clinic receipt: name, date of birth, address, date of appointment, duration of appointment, treating physiotherapist, and his/her college registration number. In addition, the receipt will indicate that a virtual appointment has taken place.

How do I pay for a telerehabilitation session?

WBC and ICBC are directly billed.

All other appointments are to be fully paid by the patient and when extended insurance can be applied the patient will be required to submit receipts for reimbursement. We will be working toward direct billing of extended insurance providers again.

Payment is done thru Jane Payments, a secure and encrypted platform. All appointments are reserved once a credit card is stored in your patient profile. Once your session is complete, Jane will automatically charge your credit card and email you a receipt.

What if I am having trouble connecting with my physiotherapist at the time of my appointment?

If you have having trouble connecting with your physiotherapist, please stay online and check your inbox (and sometimes junkmail) for incoming further instructions. Your physiotherapist will be in touch and may need to manually send you a new link to the portal if there is an error.