Telerehab FAQ

What system are you using for telerehabilitation?

We are using two new systems: Jane and Physitrack. Both have video chat capabilities.

Jane is our new booking/charting system, which also offers a telehealth platform. Jane will automatically send you an appointment reminder with the link to your video call 30 minutes before your schedule appointment. Jane is compatible with IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and Android phones, so you can either download the JaneApp or download Google Chrome and complete your appointment through Jane. Physitrack/PhysiApp is our new online exercise program, which also has a telehealth platform. This platform is more reliable, so your therapist may choose to use this with you. If they choose to do this, then they will send you a separate email, which will have their name in the subject line. This will prompt you to open Physitrack on a browser or download PhysiApp on your device. From there a blank exercise page will pop up on your screen, and your therapist will be able to see you are online from their end. Please be patient and leave this page open, this is how your therapist will connect with you. After your session, Physiapp is where your exercises will be uploaded to (unless otherwise specified by your therapist). If you therapist suspects you are having issues connecting, they will call you on your provided phone number.

What do I need to take part in telerehab?

– A laptop or desktop with a working Internet provider (Google Chrome is preferred) or an IOS/Android phone with either the PhysiApp or Jane App installed (both are free in the App Store)

– A working camera and microphone

– A safe space to perform exercises and talk with your physiotherapist

What can I do during a telerehabilitation session?

We can:

  • provide a virtual physiotherapy consultation
  • progress your current treatment plan
  • prescribe and modify exercises
  • answer any questions you may have
  • provide a posture and ergonomic assessment
  • provide patient education
  • bike fit
  • women’s health