Kinesiology: Kinesiologists are experts in the study of body movement and mechanics and how they are related to pain, recovery and performance (equally in athletic and acute/ chronic pain patients). Kinesiologists have a wide spectrum of patient care and scope of practice, but to help simplify their role in clinical practice, think of a Kinesiologist as a “personal trainer for those with injuries”.

Kinesiologists work closely with physiotherapists to provide a global treatment plan with an active rehabilitation-based focus. Some examples of Kinesiology focused treatment include: 

– Return-to-work programs: for those on leave from a workplace injury, this program focuses on preparing and conditioning the body or injured area for work specific movements or stresses, including movement and lifting mechanics both in the gym and in the workplace. 

– Performance training: working one-to-one with a Kinesiologist may provide a pro active approach to injury reduction or return to sport. A Kinesiologist will providing independent preseason custom workouts for the individual with weekly to monthly sessions depending on the frequency needed to retain technique and progression for the individuals best results. 

– Active rehabilitation: Post acute injury patients, those in chronic pain, and for those who need a hands-on focused approach and guidance to help improve body awareness, fitness, posture and technique as it relates to active rehabilitative exercise, may benefit from working with a Kinesiologist. 

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